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Ibrahim YAMAN


Project manager


Sevda DOĞAN; BeeNova is the founding partner of Food, Health, Cosmetic Products Inc., and Project Manager and R&D Officer. He established at the end of 2019 by combining his knowledge and experience gained in international companies in the pharmaceutical industry with his colleagues.

İbrahim Yaman graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Chemical Engineering in 1984. In the pharmaceutical and health sector, companies such as Sandoz, Novartis, new Sandoz and Abdi İbrahim; He held senior management positions in charge of departments such as Factory Management, Production, GMP, Supply Chain, Engineering and Projects, Security, Health and Environment (HSE), Technology and Product Transfer, Validation and during this period, organization, Lean production, Productivity enhancement and process improvement, merger of companies / Merger, establishment of a new factory from scratch, and has actively participated in projects and teamwork, many of which are implemented for the first time in the sector.

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