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Master ProBee
Propolis Chewing Gum

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Why Chewing Gum?

Why Propolis?

In general, the most important advantage of chewing gum is that it is the food that stays in the mouth for the longest duration. With the chewing gum, active substances can be taken from the buccal areas, especially under the tongue, and they can show both faster effect and higher bioavailability without going through the stomach and intestines.

  Propolis is an adhesive natural antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal protective bee product produced by the worker bees by mixing the resinous material collected from the leaves, stems, buds and stems of various plants with pollen and active enzymes secreted by them. Since the plants which bees feed and collect extracts from vary regionally, propolis components and structure may vary according to the region, and it can be in various colors, light or dark.


Do you know what you chew?

Contents of Master ProBee

Master Probee® is offered for your consumption with an internationally patented formula which is developed by our expert teams in Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University Technopark.

     * Each Master Probee® Propolis chewing gum contains 30 mg pure Anatolian Propolis.

   * Master Probee, which is a combination of pure Anatolian Propolis, gum base and natural mastic flvaour, does not contain colorant, BHT, BHA and titanium dioxide.


BeeNova is a Technopark firm at Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University.

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